Çağ Group Of Componies

Acıbadem Mh. Çeçen Sk.
Akasya Residence A Kule No: 25 A
Kat: 26 D. No: 150 Pk: 34660
Üsküdar / İstanbul

Telephone: (+90) 216 709 97 14

Fax: (+90) 850 522 34 03



As Çağ Group, we work to minimize environmental risks for the future of humanity and natural life, and to transform opportunities into successes that create added value. Sustainability, We know that it is the most important value that should be embraced today and in the future, and with this perspective, we develop in-depth solutions to global and local problems. We consider protecting the environment for a healthy future as one of our main duties. We create a positive impact by going beyond this with a value-oriented perspective. We invest in areas that will create added value for the future in solving problems. Our Sustainability Policy, which forms the basis of our corporate management system, is derived from our company employees. We transfer it to our suppliers, customers and business partners to everyone and every structure we walk with. Our relations are based on trust. We set out with the confidence that we will continue to exist as long as the world exists. We are focused on efficiency and adding value to the world. Since our establishment in 1959, we have invested in companies that develop products, services and technology. These investments are based on innovation, social benefit and environmental protection. We have established relationships based on trust in all of our local and international collaborations, and established solid partnership structures that have lasted for many years. We owe the survival of both our investments and our collaborations even under changing world conditions to our sustainability vision.